As we begin…

As we come together for this journey I ask that we take a moment to honor our ancestors who have come from all corners of the earth and who will guide us as we walk this land. I ask that we honor the ancestors of this land who have gone before us and to whom we have much to be grateful for.

Libation is a ritual that is practiced by people all across the world. In my community we always ask for permission to begin anything or open any sacred space by pouring libation for our ancestors. We pour water back to the earth for it is the essence of life. It is what our bodies are primarily comprised of and it is what will heal, revive and restore us – land, body and spirit.

It is important for us to do this because our ancestors are relying on us to do transformative, healing work. This trip has purpose beyond description and we should be mindful that our responsibility is great. I’m reminded of an insight from Lilla Watson an aboriginal artist and activist that I carry with me in this work… “If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time; but if you are here because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”  Let us hold this close.

Here is an excerpt from a poem “Libation” I wrote many years ago.


This is for my universal redemption
Reunion with stars and movement

For soil, flame, rivers and space
For patience and forgiveness
For memory and rage
For yesterday, tomorrow and today

This is for time

For mothers and babies
Babies and mothers
For baby mothers

This is for bellies and smiles
For laughter and hope

For passages and middle ways
For bone and blood trails on the ocean floor
For tears falling and mouths cursing the Americas
For Palestine and recognition
For Israel and resolution
For the suicide bomber
And the youth that he be

This is for Congo and Zimbabwe
Ethiopia and Rwanda
Lesotho and Nigeria
For plantations turned private prisons named Angola where Black people are still enslaved
For Haiti and Sudan
Jamaica and Trinidad

For debt relief
Cuz’ money isn’t even real

For the amputated and the maimed
For the gold plated, diamond encrusted massacres
And using f**ked up excuses

This is for responsibility
And taking it

And not using the funding
For schools
For books
For art supplies

For the levees
For families to go back to the place that they call home
For decent housing
For roads
For street lights in Wilkinsburg and Homewood
Yes… places I care about.

This for me and for love
I am no real love vagrant

This is for my sanity and my insanities
For my mother and her mothers
This is for courage and for Harriet
For Hatshepsut and Ruth
For Ida and Anne
For Ella and Fannie
For Audre
For Mama and Kwame
Yes for my family

This is for resistance
North, South, East and West.

We are blessed to be here.
-Bekezela Mguni
LAP 2013 delegate

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i am a culmination, a bridge and a possibility. i am in love with the word, magic and movement. i believe that justice is what calls our souls back to each other on this earth and justice is the reverence of spirit and humanity. i bring the light. activist. librarian. poet. doula. candle maker. creative soul.