Dinner with Sa’ed Abu-Hijleh

Tonight we had the pleasure of meeting with a brilliant and funny activist in the struggle for Palestinian self determination and poet, Sa’ed Abu-Hijleh!  Sa’ed Abu-Hijleh spoke as a survivor of military and carceral violence and in resistance to that violence.  He read moving and profound poems about the incredible/immesurable loss and anguish he experienced when his mother was murdered by Israeli occupying forces, as well as the torturous violence he endured while imprisoned.  His poetry and activism are also centered in resistance.  In particular Sa’ed Abu-Hijleh emphasized the interconnectivity of anti and decolonial struggles and explained how he traveled to Ireland in support of that struggle, how it was also linked to the South African struggle and how Israeli apartheid is one example of an apartheid system.  Finally Sa’ed talked about his recent activism for BDS and his continued activism — on many different registers — whether lecturing professionally as a Geography professor, or programming and hosting a radio show — shows much about ways to sustain and constantly create new ways of engaging political struggles for collective liberation.

Che G.