Mohammad Al-Azzeh of The Lajee Center Arrested

During my visit to Bethlehem on Monday the 1st, I heard some sad and disturbing news. Mohammad Al-Azzeh, the young man our group met briefly at Lajee Center who leads the film department there AND was shot in the face in April of this year, was arrested late Sunday night. The only weapon he held is his camera.

The Israeli forces stormed his family’s home and made the arrest:,-arrest-palestinian-photographer-mohammed-al-azzeh

All the folks I spoke with on Monday in Aida Camp were distressed about this news, especially because they were told the soldiers hit Mohammad repeatedly in his bad eye during the arrest process. Mohammad still requires two surgeries on his cheek and eye to make a good recovery from the injury. Members of his family were also injured in the raid.

For more about the shooting of Mohammad in April, check out this article:

The man, while bleeding, took his own photos, and when he could not do it anymore, he made sure his friend had the camera on the right settings to get the best possible photos.

To learn more about the Lajee Center, and to see some of Mohammad’s work, visit:; or find him on YouTube.